Dr. S Nisha Ahmad

Consultant Medical Services

Dr. S Nisha Ahmad

Dr. S. Nisha Ahmad is a highly skilled Consultant in Business Operations, specializing in managing a tertiary specialized clinical pathology laboratory. With a patient-centric approach, she excels in human resource and material management, ensuring optimal healthcare delivery.

Dr. Ahmad has extensive experience integrating laboratory services with clinician interfaces to enhance pathology services. She served in the Indian Army and was the Chief of Laboratory Services at Metropolis Health Care Services.

She holds an MBBS degree from Armed Forces Medical College and achieved the first rank at Mumbai University during her MD (Pathology) studies. Dr. Ahmad is a distinguished NABL and CAP Accreditor and Inspector recognized for her expertise in assessing and upholding accreditation standards. She has received specialized training in advanced immunological methods in France, further enhancing her capabilities in the field.

Expert in clinical pathology and laboratory management, Dr. Ahmad successfully manages a tertiary and referral laboratory, navigating multiple accreditation inspections. Her skills include specific hematological techniques such as HPLC and flow cytometry.

Dr. Ahmad’s invaluable contributions to pathology and commitment to excellence make her a vital asset in delivering top-quality healthcare services.