Mr. Nalin Singla

Co-founder & CEO

Mr. Nalin Singla

Mr. Nalin Singla is the esteemed Co-founder and CEO of Shalina Diagnostics, a leading healthcare company delivering high-quality diagnostic facilities across Africa. With a firm belief in providing quality healthcare for all, Nalin leads the mission to offer exceptional diagnostic services continent-wide. Shalina Diagnostics operates on the principles of “Quality, Affordability, and Availability,” ensuring their services meet Africa’s unique healthcare needs.

Nalin embarked on his professional journey in India, earning a degree in Computer Science Engineering and an MBA, specializing in Strategy and Finance from the United States. He started as a strategy consultant in Chicago, collaborating with a renowned global consulting firm. Leveraging his expertise, he partnered with major multinational companies in the pharmaceutical and retail sectors across India and Dubai.

While currently based in Dubai, Nalin maintains a deep connection to Shalina’s African operations. Actively engaging with patients, doctors, and dedicated teams, he stays attuned to the needs of the communities Shalina serves.

Under Nalin Singla’s leadership, Shalina Diagnostics demonstrates an unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality throughout Africa. With his diverse background, strategic acumen, and passion for positive impact, he drives the company forward in its pursuit of providing exceptional diagnostic services that transform lives across the continent. With Nalin at the helm, Shalina Diagnostics paves the way for a healthier and brighter future for all Africans.